PRESS RELEASE: The End Of Dungeon

Hi, everyone.

Well, what a couple of big bombshells we have for you today! Hope you’re comfy, this is quite long and there’s a lot of things to say!

There are some big changes afoot in the Dungeon camp, some exciting, some shocking to those of you who have seen us live – it’s unlikely anyone would have seen this coming going by the great chemistry the band has had of late, but if you look deeper into it then it will all make sense.

Essentially, it’s come to this: Stu and Glenn are leaving Dungeon.

I’ll let the guys explain it first and then I’ll give you the rest of the big news.



Hey guys,

Well, I am letting everyone know I am leaving Dungeon.

The last 4 years have been great with some killer experiences, but I am at a stage where I am not finding what I want from Dungeon anymore.

I phoned LT the other day and let him know, we talked for a while and then both agreed it’s time for me to move on. I have been sitting with this feeling since the return from the OS trip and have many reasons why I am leaving.

I am not one to carry on with long-winded letters but suffice to say that I am looking for other things that I can’t see happening in Dungeon in the future. Feel free to draw your own conclusions on this or ask me personally and I’ll be happy to tell you. It’s not all doom and gloom.

Firstly, thanks to everyone who has ever enjoyed Dungeon’s live show or CDs – It’s the only reason I have ever done this. The past guys I have worked with, I throw a thanks to you as well.

I’ll be looking for another band so you will see me around and I have something pretty exciting coming up in a few months, so this isn’t the retirement speech, just time to move on.

I really hope I’ll be welcome to visit the forum and stay in contact with everyone in the future. I am proud of my time here and feel I have contributed in a positive way to Dungeon.

Please enjoy the final show.

Take care and I hope to see everyone soon.





Hi guys,

After much deliberation I have come to the decision to leave Dungeon. This was not an easy decision to make as I love being in Dungeon and it has been a real honour for me to work with three guys of such a high calibre.

I would like to thank LT, Stu and Tim for giving me the opportunity of working with them and also for their friendship, I could not have asked for a better bunch of guys to work with :-)

A big thank you to all the fans who have supported me since joining Dungeon - you guys make it all worth it! I hope I have given you as much pleasure as I got from you being on stage.

Peace and Metal Forever,



There you go, hey?

It’s sad to see those guys go and unlike most press releases where it’s all "the split was amicable, etc." and you know it’s a standard PR smoke-screen, there truly is no hard feelings here, as I’m sure everyone has seen at the last few gigs since the split was decided. We had an absolute blast on stage and we all remain the best of friends.

What Stu said is right; if something is not feeling right and you perpetuate it, then it will only lead to tension and bad feelings in the end. We all agreed to be totally up-front about our feelings towards the band and if it was time to go, then it’s time to go, and do it before it affects your friendship like has happened with some past members.

In the last year, Dungeon has gone from strength to strength and achieved so many things that I have only ever dreamed about. But with this success comes so much added pressure.

What a lot of people don’t realise is that Dungeon is essentially self-managed. Apart from playing, recording, performing and things like that, we’re also handling all of the gig bookings, tours, press, promotion, label liaison, etc. and even doing our own recording, production, DVDs, etc. And with all of this work, there is really no money coming in to cover this.

For just myself personally, this is a full-time job and I draw my income directly from Dungeon related activities – and I can barely survive on this. For the other guys, apart from what they do in Dungeon, they also have very busy lives. So to fit in everything that has to be done in the band as well as our actual jobs which is putting on a world class show and albums, and then trying to find time for yourself and your family... well, it’s incredibly difficult and taxing on everyone. With no money coming in to justify it, you begin to wonder if it’s all worth it. Unless it’s something you truly believe in with all your heart, then it eventually becomes a job that you don’t enjoy doing.

For me, this has been part of my life for 16 years, almost to the day. It’s something I still believe in 100%, but now I also realise there’s time for a change.

Here’s the last big bombshell: Dungeon’s show on December 11 at the Gaelic Club, Sydney, will be our last.

I’d like to explain why...

Dungeon has changed so much over the years. There’s been an in-joke about the revolving door for musicians and there’s many and varied reasons for that (and depending on who you ask, I’m sure you’ll get a different story).

The name "Dungeon" has been kept from the start for 2 reasons: firstly, for legacy’s sake – it’s a name that everyone knew and we were building on its reputation, and secondly, with every line-up change there’s always been some kind of thread to keep it attached to the previous line-up. EG: When Dale left and Stu joined, there was still Dakk and Stevo which were part of the band for years. When Dakk and Stevo left, it was still myself and Stu from the previous lineup.

Now, there’s me and Tim left, basically. While Tim isn’t going anywhere in a hurry, he hasn’t yet written anything with us, or performed on an album. Is this still Dungeon? It could be argued either way.

I gave this a lot of thought and decided that it wasn’t.

So what’s the plan for the future?

This is the exciting part and the bit where everyone who may have been saddened by this news can at least see there is a positive side to it all.

First of all, there will be another Dungeon album. This will be our last and, if possible, I intend on bundling that with a final DVD which will contain all of our clips, interviews with past members, the complete history from go to woe. Both of these things are already well underway. There’s no release date for them as yet but rest assured, if you’re fan of the band they will not disappoint. (In fact, we had a poll on our forum about what people wanted to hear on the next Dungeon album and almost all of the things suggested will be incorporated on the next album).

Before then, the LORD album, "A Personal Journey" will be re-released as a special edition with a new mix and a bonus track. For those of you who don’t know, LORD was a solo side project of mine which released the "A Personal Journey" album originally in 2003, containing songs similar to Dungeon but different or personal enough to not be included on a Dungeon album.

That will be the last of the solo LORD albums and from that point onwards, LORD will become a band situation which will feature (obviously) myself, Tim Yatras (Dungeon’s current drummer) and several other talented musicians who will be announced shortly. We will be playing all of the favourite Dungeon songs and some of the original solo album songs live. All of the LORD albums after that point will be along the lines of where Dungeon was heading anyway, perhaps with a slightly different take on things. As usual, the writing will happen naturally and involve every member of the new band, so whatever we come up with is what it is.

It may take some getting used to not seeing certain faces on stage but as Dungeon proved again and again, if the personnel is right and the chemistry is happening, then the line-up - to a point - is secondary; it still sounds like Dungeon and will feel like a Dungeon show. I would say that if you enjoyed what Dungeon does in spite of all of the line-up changes, you would enjoy LORD very much.

This also ends our association with Metal Warriors. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Steve Ravic and all of the team for their incredible hard work. Steve was integral in getting Dungeon out there to the rest of the world, and he and the team have my total respect. Dungeon / LORD will be dealing directly with our distributor Modern Invasion for all upcoming releases in Australia (as we did with the "Resurrection" re-release and the re-released "A Personal Journey" album).

That’s basically about it!

Guys, don’t look at this like it’s the end, it’s really just another change in line-up and a change in name when you break it all down, however it’s something which I feel is necessary now, and I’d like to respect the good name of Dungeon as much as I can by not making into something it’s not anymore.

We’d like to give the band a great send-off at final show. You’ll see by the stage show that everything we all mentioned in the press release here is true – we’re all still great friends and we do genuinely enjoy playing this music together on stage but it’s just time to move on for everyone. So please, come to the show to say goodbye to Stu and Glenn and wish them well with their upcoming projects. I know for sure you haven’t seen the last of them!

I have no doubt that the haters and the keyboard warriors will be out in force after reading this press release. Whatever is said, you can take it from me that the only true story is what myself, Stu and Glenn have said, and everything else is either speculation or just outright lies.

Folks, thank you. Thank you for your support over the last 16 years of Dungeon. That has been the main driving force behind what I’ve been doing for so long and kept me wanting to keep it moving, even when things looked grim (and there has been more than a few times where that was the case!). I’m both honoured and humbled by the things you’ve written about us, the loyalty, the respect and also your honesty when we’ve done things which have sucked too! HAHA!

I hope you’ll enjoy where things are going from here and support LORD in the way you’ve supported Dungeon, as well as supporting Stu and Glenn’s projects.

For now, I’ll just say a final thank you and we’ll see you at the last Dungeon show.

Cheers and welcome to a new beginning!


Last Gig Flyer

2008 UPDATE:

Hi everyone,

Well, here we are over two years after Dungeon split and things are going well! For those of you who haven’t been keeping track of things, I’ll try and fill you in with what’s been happening.

First of all, as I mentioned in the press release, LORD did indeed grab the Dungeon torch and run with it. For the first year, we mostly played Dungeon material and we still include a fair bit of it in our set. And why not? The music is awesome and a lot of fun to play, and we know that you guys love to hear it as much as we enjoy playing it. Now in LORD we can actually enjoy playing these songs without all of the stress and politics behind the scenes that constantly plagued Dungeon.

LORD also released an album in 2007 called "Ascendence" which was basically the direction Dungeon was heading in, but with bigger production and drawing even more on our wide and varied influences. If there was any criticism of the album, it was that it drew too much on Dungeon’s sound, but that was very much intentional - we wanted to let you all know that Dungeon hasn’t gone away, but has just changed into a new and stronger beast.

On the live front, LORD also continued on with Dungeon’s legacy. We pretty much hit the ground running with a headline tour, then supports with Queensryche, Saxon, Nightwish, Nevermore, Gamma Ray, Leaves Eyes, Atrocity, Skinless... the list goes on. In short, it’s been an amazing two years!

Before then, Dungeon did indeed record and release The Final Chapter, which featured guest appearances by members of the 2006 LORD band. The album was received really well in Australia and Japan, where we re-signed to Soundholic. Unfortunately, the long running tension between Dungeon and LMP came to a head just before that album was released and we chose to pull it from the label. As yet, there’s no new home for The Final Chapter in Europe and the USA but if it came to a choice between none and LMP, we would choose none. Yes, it was that bad.

The DVD that we mentioned in the press release didn’t actually happen, unfortunately. Believe it or not, I’m STILL trying to track down the footage for it all. But the good news is that this stuff will actually see the light of day as a documentary that will be included on a future LORD DVD.

So that’s basically the update! Feel free to check out to see what we’re up to now and hear sound samples of the new albums, etc.

Take care and we’ll see you all on the road with LORD!


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