Over the years, there have been CDs or even cassette tapes that have been produced but never officially released. Here are some of the major ones:


Song list:

  1. Caught Somewhere In Time (Iron Maiden)
  2. Stand Or Fall (Anthrax)
  3. Queen Of The Reich (Queensryche)
  4. Wasted Years (Iron Maiden)
  5. Fast As A Shark (Accept)
  6. Prowler (Iron Maiden)
Produced by Lord Tim and Dungeon
Promo CDR only - not released, created in 2001.
Currently unavailable

This CD was a studio test only to prepare for the recording of A Rise To Power. While this CD was only ever burned onto CDR and never released, Dungeon chose to send it to several radio stations and 'zines for their opinion on the production, which was overwhelmingly positive. Although 'Stand Or Fall' appeared on the Metal For The Brain XI CD, 'Queen Of The Reich' and 'Wasted Years' found their way onto A Rise To Power, and 'Caught Somwhere In Time' made it onto Rising Power, there are no plans to ever release this CD.

No Way Out Single NO WAY OUT (SINGLE)

Song list:

  1. No Way Out (remix)
  2. Call Me (remix)
  3. Judgment Day (demo)
* Included CD ROM extras.
Produced by Lord Tim and Dungeon
Never released, shelved in 2000.
Currently unavailable

This was a proposed single release of No Way Out from the Resurrection album to coincide with the video that was shot for that song. It had remixed versions of No Way Out and Call Me (also from the Resurrection sessions) which included Dakk playing bass, plus it had a demo recording of Judgment Day from the first recordings with Stevo.

The CD package included CD ROM extras such as the video clip, rare MP3s, screen savers and a complete interractive mini-website. Unfortunately, due to a lineup change and the focus shifting to concentrate on the new album, this release was shelved indefinitely, with no plans to ever release it. However, the remixes of No Way Out and Call Me were eventually released on Rising Power.

Don't Look Back DON'T LOOK BACK (Demo Tape)

Song list:

  1. Don't Look Back
  2. Misty Eyes
  3. Hold Me Now
  4. Tonight
Produced by Lord Tim
Never released, distributed in 1992.
Currently unavailable

This was Dungeon's first demo tape that contained 4 songs from the original demo sessions at Nu-Town Studio in 1992. There were only about 10 copies ever made and feature the original band logo. This tape received rave reviews and was the reason Dungeon relocated to Sydney from Broken Hill.

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