The Final Chapter Song list:
  1. Pariah
  2. Better Man
  3. Curse Of The Pharaohs
  4. Fire Of Time
  5. Gallipoli
  6. Life Is A Lie
  7. Steelheart
  8. The Final Chapter
Produced by Lord Tim
Released in Australia / New Zealand in October 2006 by Modern Invasion. TBA for the rest of the world at this time.
This is the final Dungeon album before the band was dissolved in late 2005. It features guest performances from the 2006 LORD band. The Australian release features re-recorded versions of 'Changing Moods' and 'Don't Leave Me' from earlier Dungeon demo recordings as bonus tracks.

Musicians that appeared on this album:

  • Lord Tim - Lead & Backing Vocals, Guitars, Bass and Keyboards
  • Tim Yatras - Drums & Backing Vocals

  • Andy Dowling - guest Bass & Backing Vocals
  • Mav Stevens - guest Guitars & Backing Vocals
  • Sabine Linfoot - guest Backing Vocals

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